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How your website’s design can help create a phenomenal user experience that’s good for SEO

Website design matters

LAST UPDATED: JULY 2019 When you create a new website, one of the big dilemmas is whether to prioritise the design, the content or the SEO. Beautiful web design gets visitors to read your content. In turn, great content supports your SEO efforts but, without SEO, no-one is going to see the beautiful design or … Read more

SEO and GDPR: Why SEO will be your best marketing tool in the GDPR world

GDPR-compliant marketing options

At the beginning of April, I saw the following post from fellow SEO expert Andrew Holland on LinkedIn talking about SEO and GDPR. Andrew’s post raises some key points about marketing in the GDPR world. Many businesses, especially those who have been reliant on poor quality or spam marketing, are going to have to adapt. … Read more

The Top 10 Google Ranking Factors: what does Google want now and in the future?

Google Ranking Factors

What are the Google ranking factors that will get my site onto the first page of Google? What does Google want now and will that change in the future?These are the big questions for webmasters and businesses everywhere. Even the most SEO-conscious may find themselves floundering as Google adjusts and refines its algorithms to return … Read more