72 SEO Facts and Statistics in 2018 (Infographic)

Confused about SEO? I’m not surprised!

We’ve got over 70 SEO Facts and Statistics to help you better determine an effective SEO strategy

SEO (Search engine optimisation) has changed a lot over the years, so it’s no wonder that SEO has become confusing.

I get asked all kinds of questions:

Am I getting my on-page SEO right?

What even is on-page SEO?

How do I know if I have used all the right keywords?

Is my content good enough? Long enough? Focused enough?

And what about links?

With so much SEO information out there, that’s far from helpful and sometimes very misleading, understanding SEO best practices can be an ongoing struggle.

Shady SEO

It’s been over 18 years since I first became aware of SEO and its importance. At the time, I noticed a lot of shady SEO techniques being used to manipulate how search engines perceive the relevance of a webpage; keyword stuffing, hidden text, doorway pages, link farms, and comment spam to name just a few.

These shady tactics, known as black hat SEO, goes against the search engines’ guidelines and should be avoided. Performing black hat SEO can lead to a damaged reputation and, although sometimes not immediate, the loss of visibility in the search engines.

The internet has become an over-saturated online marketplace resulting in a huge number of websites vying for visibility in Google and attention from prospects so it’s easy to see why some website owners may still be tempted to manipulate their ranking results.

However, Google is more intent than ever on ensuring only the most relevant, ethical and worthy sites rank well and releases constant updates to ensure this remains so.

Ethical SEO

There are plenty of ways to legitimately improve website visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages. It may take a little time for a web page or website to become super-visible and popular, but the good thing about ethical SEO, known as white hat SEO, is that every positive change has a compound effect with the benefits growing exponentially over time.

The goal is to provide a service to visitors and once you do that, with white hat SEO, the rest will follow.

SEO Facts and Statistics

The team at seotribunal.com have compiled a list of SEO Facts and Statistics which provide some insights into the influential factors that determine an effective SEO strategy.

The Infographic covers the Google ranking factors and how you can reach the top positions. It also includes the history of search engines and some of the updates that made us all quake in our shoes!

By knowing what factors Google uses in determining where a website should rank, you can better optimise your own site to meet those needs.

SEO Audit

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