Social Media Promotion

social media marketing to amplify your message

Why does Social Media work so well?

Increasing your social media presence will grow your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. Social Media Likes, Shares and Re-Tweets indicate new, good quality and interesting content and Google likes content that is shared.

The more engagement, especially with your own content, the far greater the impact.

Our Social Media Promotion Package is perfect for this.

Our Social Media Promotion Package includes the following elements:

  • An audit of your current social media platforms
  • A social media marketing plan
  • 5 organic posts per week on Facebook and also 5 posts each week on two other social media channels that are best suited to your business.
  • 4 Facebook ads each month.
  • Monthly reports
  • Phone support when needed.

Cost: from £500 per month

Discount: Combine the optimised content and the social media promotion packages for incredible results and a 10% discount.

There are now 2.8 billion social media users worldwide—52% of whom are on one or two platforms consistently. In the last year alone, the number of social media users has jumped 22%, signifying a considerable and promising growth for all platforms. In short: social media is not going away anytime soon. Source: Social Fire Media

The benefits of an effective social media promotion strategy are huge and will continue to increase.  If you want to raise your profile, increase your search engine ranking results and your conversions call us on 01626 270085 or fill in the form below and let’s make it happen for you.

Do I need Social Media?

Social media promotion done well is a hugely effective traffic generator.

Social media allows other people to like, comment on and share your content, meaning that if you create blog posts that engage, inspire and move your readers, the chances of them sharing with their wider social circle increases. In turn, you’ll reach a much wider audience.

It should be remembered, however, that social media platforms are about making human connections, sharing things about which you’re passionate and your audience will gain value from. Get that right and people will want to spread the news.

If you know your stuff and share that knowledge, you can raise your profile as someone who is influential, respected and an authority in their field.

The benefits of Social Media promotion don’t stop there…

Social signals such as engagement and sharing are a good indicator of your relevance and authority and we know that Google’s primary aim is to return useful and relevant results in its organic listings. This, of course, means that if you want to grow your brand awareness, your authority, increase your search engine ranking results and ramp up your conversions you absolutely do need social media.

If you build your social media presence in a real and authentic way it can only ever help your SEO efforts, giving you bigger, better and quicker results.

Want these results for your business?  Our Social Media Promotion Package will do that!

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