Blog Writing Service

Blog Writing Service

Our Blog Writing Service

Increase your online visibility, attract a greater number of ideal customers to your website and boost your sales with our Blog Writing Service.

Imagine how much more effective your website would be as a sales tool and lead generator if it contained unique, relevant and high-quality content that ranks well in search, appeals to your target audience, oozes trust and credibility and compels your visitors to take the next step?

That’s exactly what our blog writing service does!

We write your monthly blog posts for you. Full details are below.

Your audience comes first

For content to be effective it needs to appeal to your customers, clients, prospects and readers and also solve a particular problem.

Featuring genuinely helpful content for your audience is something that Google wants us all to focus on. The aim of Google’s update, the “Helpful Content System” – is “to better reward content where visitors feel they’ve had a satisfying experience, while content that doesn’t meet a visitor’s expectations won’t perform as well”.

Why choose SEO+ for your blog writing?

We’ve got quite a reputation when it comes to blog writing which maybe isn’t all that surprising as we have an incredible team of content writers and Hazel – your SEO specialist, who understands exactly what it takes to create content that attracts ideal customers and ranks well in Google.

SEO+ is a UK SEO company with a reputation for:

  • creating engaging, readable and shareable content that provides real value for potential customers.
  • significantly increasing search engine rankings for a variety of related search terms.
  • multiplying the number of ideal visitors a website receives so sales are a given.

Don’t let anything hold you back from blogging your way to increased visibility and sales. 

If you’re a business owner who understands the value of blogging consistently but finds blogging too time-consuming, too difficult, or too scary, we’ve got you…

Our team will take care of everything you need to have a thriving business blog that represents your business appropriately, engages with your customers, and accelerates your business growth.

Choose from the options below and contact us.

If you need something a little different please ask, we’re always happy to accommodate if possible.

Gold star for our Blog Writing Service

What’s included in the Blog Writing Service

✔ Keyword research and ideal customer analysis:
We explore keywords, topics and the questions that your ideal customers have and are searching for around your products or services so that we choose the best and most relevant topics for your business.

✔ Professionally written blog article:
We write unique content tailored to your niche and audience.

✔ Optimised content:
We ensure your articles are fully optimised by an SEO specialist to increase their visibility and appeal in search. This includes keyword research, and adding an optimised title tag and compelling description tag to encourage click-throughs to your website. We also add relevant internal links where and if it makes sense to do so to give the extra advantage of supporting other pages on your site.

✔ Images:
We include 1 – 2 relevant and optimised, royalty-free and branded images to add visual appeal and increase relevancy.

✔ Two social media posts:
We’ll supply you with two social media posts for you to add to your platforms to capture your audience’s attention, increase your social media presence and help grow your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

✔ Each blog will be proofread prior to publishing.

✔ 1 x revision / edit of the blog prior to final client approval

✔ Upload to your website:
We’ll upload your new blog post to your website, add a relevant royalty-free featured image, format the article beautifully to appeal to your reader and include an optimised title tag and a compelling description tag.

How much does the blog writing service cost?

Once a month

What you get: 1 blog post a month

​Perfect for keeping your website updated each month.

Price: £250 per month

Twice a month

What you get: 2 blog posts a month

​A fantastic choice to maintain your website with updated content.

Price: £475 per month

Once a week

What you get: 4 blog posts a month

​A new blog each week to give your website a great boost.

Price: £850 per month

Something else

If you need something different please ask, we’re always happy to accommodate if possible.

Ready to make your blog a success?

Whether you’re already managing a blog or just beginning, schedule a complimentary 20-minute chat with me and we’ll discuss how we can ensure your blog achieves success.

Our SEO Blog Writing Service provides incredible results for businesses…

gold star

Results such as being fully booked within months like Jane our business coach client who had been desperately worried about where her next clients would come from.

gold star

Or our London chiropodist client who has recently opened 2 new clinics in London to cope with demand – this is a direct result of being found online for a huge variety of relevant searches by his ideal clients. He averages over 38k visitors each month who find him as a result of a Google organic search.

gold star

And then there’s our Health and Wellness client who had on average just 200 monthly website visitors and needed many more consistent bookings for her business to survive. Within 3 months she received 5k+ website visitors each month via organic search and within the year 39,000 visitors found her website as a result of a Google search and she’s enjoyed a huge increase in enquiries and bookings from perfect-fit customers.

SEO blog content case study

Content is potentially the most important tool at your disposal for building your reputation as an expert, as well as establishing Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T). Consistently creating great content for your audience is one of the best things you can do to build your credibility, increase your ranking and visibility, and attract the right customers.

We look forward to helping you with yours. Book a call with Hazel here to discuss

Blog Writing Service FAQs

    Our optimised blog writing service has a reputation for amplifying online visibility, significantly increasing website visitors and multiplying conversions.

    If you want the results that matter for the long term, give us a call 01626 270085 or schedule a call with Hazel here to discuss

    What our customers say about our SEO Blog Writing Service

    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    Having used SEO+’s Optimisation services for many years now we have been developing our Elite Titles blog with Hazel’s help for the last 12 months and…. we signed up for 2021 in December. The twice-monthly blogs are compelling reading for anyone with the slightest interest in the topic covered. Hazel at SEO+ never ceases to amaze with her wordcraft. More importantly, these blogs deliver significant volumes of traffic to our sales pages. Thanks Hazel!
    Andrew Bulpin
    Elite Titles

    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    It has been fascinating to watch as my stats have increased substantially. Organic Google search has increased by 443% and I am on page 1 Google ranking for many of our targeted keywords. I have seen an increase in appointments as a result and many of my new clients found me via Google search, which was unheard of before. It was a pleasure working with Hazel, she was always prompt with her reports and very helpful with questions. I highly recommend SEO+.
    Jane Deacon
    Holistic & Spiritual Therapist 

    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    I definitely can see that the SEO content works from the email and phone enquiries we get and the fact that we don’t do any other advertising.
    Dr Gurpreet Gill

    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    5 star rating
    I’m very pleased with the SEO service I receive from Hazel and her team, SEO+ provides a very personal service without any sales talk which is always a refreshing change. The optimised blog content packages are very good value for money and well written.
    Nigel Metcafe