Are you frustrated that your ideal customers don't even know you exist and your sales are poor? 

Are you annoyed that you continually lose out to your bigger and better known competitors? 

Do you want to rank at the top of Google but you don't know how and you can't afford to pay someone? 

SEO Accelerator

I totally get it, which is why I’m on a mission to demystify SEO and make it as simple and as affordable as possible  

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), if done right, will get you ranking at the top of Google and found by the very people looking for your services or products at the exact moment they need you…  

…but unfortunately, having an effective SEO campaign isn’t always possible on a small budget, because monthly SEO packages can be pretty pricey. 

Introducing - The SEO Accelerator

With more power to increase your visibility, sales and business growth than ever before  

The SEO Accelerator is for freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners who understand the value of SEO but don’t have the budget to pay a company to do it for them. Let’s face it, when you're a small business owner parting with £100s every month can be a real stretch.  

How good would it be if your website ranked at the top of Google and you naturally attracted a continuous supply of customers each and every month for a fraction of the price?  

If this is you, you’re exactly where you need to be!  

This SEO Program will give you the exact process, so that you can get your website ranked on the first page of Google for the right search terms to increase your leads, your sales and your profit for the long-term.  

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"The great thing about this course is not just the content, it's that Hazel is with you in the trenches. You have a question, she answers with thought and clarity, you feel she is on your side! If you care about your business and its growth then joining this course is an absolute must." Paul Ireland 

"Hazel is absolutely amazing. I am a complete seo newbie and very slowly have been following her course. She has produced a great product which benefits experienced professionals and total novices alike. I have had issues with my present website and Hazel has been a life saver in giving me assistance far and above that which anyone could have expected. The information contained in her course is amazing and exceptional value." Graham Clinton 

 Discover how you can rank at the top of Google so you increase your sales without sacrificing your sanity or spending a fortune on marketing every single month. 

SEO Consultant

Hi I'm Hazel Jarret, your personal SEO consultant 

I have 18 year’s SEO experience and have had the opportunity to work with a huge variety of businesses during that time.  

I know what it's like to be a business owner on a tight budget. I started SEO+ 8 years ago after finding out the web company I worked for as an SEO consultant had gone bust (I was away on hoilday at the time!) 

8 years later, I’m super proud of my reputation for delivering no-nonsense SEO that works and the glowing testimonials from my customers. 

I’m in my zone of genius when I’m working on SEO and would love to help everyone reap its incredible benefits, this is why I’ve created an affordable way to do that!  

 In the SEO Accelerator I will be showing you how to apply the same strategy I use very successfully with my clients 

Company A was selling a few high-end products and suffered a serious fallout following a Google algorithm update. The company director was desperate to get the website ranking at the top of Google and increasing sales as soon as possible but feared it might be too late to save the business.  

Within 4 months of working with SEO+, the turnaround was clear, his best search terms began appearing in the top 5 positions on page 1 of Google and unit sales increased by 20% (which translates into a very worthwhile figure)  

And it didn’t stop there.

His products were found by a New York agency – all through the power of Google organic search. He now has a huge number of customers stateside too.



Company B was an established health and wellness company in London. The company director knew he needed SEO so that his potential customers would know about him, but he was very concerned that the competition in London was too fierce.

He'd used previous SEO companies and was frustrated that the results had been so poor.  

Within 3 months of working with SEO+ the client saw a 26% increase in website visitors and a 32% increase in conversions. 

He continues to get excellent results and has now opened a further two clinics in London. 

He continues to sing my praises.  

This is what great SEO can do for you and with the SEO Accelerator you don't have to do it alone. You will have your own SEO consultant with you every step of the way.

How will it work?

Weekly Modules 

The SEO Accelerator is a 10 week programme, starting on the 6th January. The 10 modules include step-by-step instructions, worksheets and support and will cover the exact process to get your website ranked on the first page of Google for the right search terms to increase your leads, your sales and your profit for the long-term.  

I know that running your own business means that you're already busy and it can be hard to fit in anything extra, so I've made these weekly modules as easy as possible for you to follow and to implement so you can achieve great results whilst continuing to run your business. 

SEO Modules

SEO Support

Accountability and Support

I will be there supporting you every step of the way. If you have any questions, get stuck or need some support I'll be there to help you. 

I will also provide extra tips as we go through the course and accountability too, so that you complete the modules and get the best results for your business.

Added to this, you'll have the opportunity to network with other businesses and support each other.

And all in the comfort of your own office (or dining room)

 All this for the price of £497

(One off payment or pay by instalments)

"Hazel is the real deal when it comes to SEO. She has enough positive reviews to wrap around the world (ish) and always has a waiting list to work with her. So buying her course will be a great investment!" Julia Bramble

“I can vouch for Hazel’s SEO Accelerator program – I’m already seeing results and I haven’t even implemented the big changes yet!” Sarah Crofts

“Highly recommend you do Hazel Jarrett’s SEO course when she opens it up again” Rachael Willoughby 

The SEO Accelerator is for you if you want to: 

  • Naturally rank at the top of Google
  • Improve brand recognition and trust so you attract cold leads  
  • Convert web traffic into customers  
  • Get in front of your perfect customers at the exact moment they need your products and services  

SEO is a powerful way to boost your bottom line, delivering customers and cash on autopilot.  

But, it needs to be done right. 

I get a lot of emails and calls, from concerned business owners that know they need SEO but have had bad experiences with previous SEO providers. I get so angry about this.  

I don’t believe in quick fixes and SEO tricks, these might work for a while but will likely get you penalised before too long. I follow Google’s best practices and focus on the user experience, which delivers big results that last so that your business continues to grow

I've worked with a lot of business owners over the years and know that trust is a major concern when choosing an SEO provider, so I wanted to be known as a company who provides “trusted seo services”. 

Not only do my customers know this, but Google does too and has ranked SEO+ as the top provider of trusted SEO services.  

Trusted SEO services

Frequently asked questions

Q. How hard will this SEO program be? I need these results, but I don’t know anything about SEO A. My aim is to make this program as easy to understand and implement as possible. If anything isn’t clear, I shall provide more information and support. I want you to get the best results possible.  

Q: If 500 people all start following this and 30 people are in the same industry how can we all get on the first page of results? A: The results gained, as with anything, will be partly dependant on the work put in, the research that each individual business owner does and any current data for the site. Even if there are 30 people in the same industry, there will still be things that make them different from their competitors and a variety of good and relevant search terms that will give them great results. The way I see it is that if your competitors are following a great SEO strategy, but you're not, then that would be a far bigger problem for your business  

Q: What happens when the algorithm changes again. A: Google algorithm updates are designed to improve the search results delivered in response to every unique search query and by following the search engine’s guidelines and focusing on providing value to your audience these are unlikely to have any impact on your site. I’ve been in the SEO industry for nearly 20 years now and have never been negatively impacted by a Google update.  

Q: What I really need is SEO learning that isn’t wholly based on the assumption that your site is Wordpress, will I get that from this program? A: Yes, the SEO Accelerator will help all business types on any website platform.  

Q: The internet is flooded with free SEO videos/articles/guides etc, admittedly some better than others, but what will make yours worth paying for and as a potential customer how do I understand the difference? A: Yes, the internet is indeed flooded with SEO information. However, not everything online can be trusted 100%. There is a fine line between white hat SEO (the right way) that will give good results for the long term and black hat SEO that may give you quick wins but will likely result in Google penalising and downranking your site. Once this has happened it can be very hard to recover. In the 20 years that I've been doing SEO, I have only ever achieved good, long-lasting results. Ultimately, of course, whether you choose to pay for this program or not, comes down to trust, so do take a look at our case studies and Google testimonials and make up your own mind.  

Q: What about having certified resellers or affiliates to your SEO company? A credible logo from your site would give authority to self-employed web designers like myself? A: For any web designers, once vetted, I’m happy to set you up as a certified reseller or affiliate, so you can help your customers, increase your credibility and also get 10% of every sale.  

If anyone on the SEO Accelerator program does have any kind of problems I'll be available in the dedicated Facebook group to support you, give advice and help everyone complete the course and get the best results.  

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