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Are you a small local business? This Local SEO Guide is for you…

So you’re a small local business and now that more and more people are searching for products and services online you find yourself competing with the big and not so local businesses that have more influence and brand recognition together with a huge marketing budget… ouch, how can you compete with that?

Here’s how…  with your Local SEO Guide

There’s a little work to be done, but if you’re serious about seeing off your not so local competition… keep reading and start implementing today and you’ll soon see the results that you’re after.

A targeted and refined SEO strategy

Let me explain: The more obvious short-tail, general keyword phrases tend to have a high amount of competition, so instead focus on the less competitive keyword phrases and add to that the area that you’re targeting and it’s very likely that you’ll gain useful visibility in the organic search results for the products or services that you provide in your local area.

Fact: 57% of B2B marketers say SEO has the biggest impact on their lead generation goals >> Mindjumpers

Be sure, also, to fill out your contact page with your local address and local telephone number and include local information on your about us page.
One in three Google searches now have local intent and with location based search phrases having low competition and a higher conversion rate it would be madness not to have a refined SEO strategy targeted to your local customers.
Check out keyword information here:
Help with finding the right keywords and The Free Keyword Guide with practical step-by-step instructions

Local search campaign

For all local businesses with an actual bricks and mortar location, local search is crucial to being found in your actual area.
FACT: 84% of searchers are looking online for a local business >> Spears Marketing

When your potential customers perform a ‘local search’ you could easily see your business details at the top of Google. For example: searching for “hairdresser torquay” in Google returns the search results together with a map and the search queries with optimised local listings. (see below) These local listings appear at the top of the search results meaning that small and local businesses can now compete for the top postions in the search results without the need for a huge marketing budget.

local search results

FACT: 82% of local searches result in an in-store visit, phone call or purchase > Spears Marketing

Here’s what you need to do: create an optimised listing on local search engines, especially the big ones: Google Places and Yahoo Local Not only will you achieve a good presence for your business on the search engines but you’ll also increase your ranking for your specific location.

Check out this guide for more help: Google Places for your business

Local search is becoming ever more important with the increase of smart phone users. People now search for products and services on the move and as their buying intent is greater because they are often looking to make an immediate choice, converting these searchers into customers is far easier if you have an optimised local listing that is immediately visible.

Any potential customers searching for your product or service on their phone can, not only, discover you but also get directions and call you… all with a simple click.

Social Media to drive local business

Using social networks to find local businesses is on the increase as more and more people prefer using local businesses that offer information on social networks. If you’re not using these social media platforms then you’re missing out on huge opportunities that could attract more local customers.

Social Media platforms allow you to create a personality for your business which creates trust, which in turn has the potential to lead to more sales.
Encouraging your customers to “check-in” at your business via Facebook Places, Google Places or with the Foursquare app will lead to all their friends (on average 150 people per person) seeing this and becoming aware of you and there’s nothing like social proofing to encourage others to also visit you.

Fact: 56% of consumers said they are likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook >> Mashable

Don’t ignore social media; it has a massive potential to reach your local audience by increasing brand awareness through ‘likes’, ‘check-ins’, ‘+1s’, mentions and shares. It also has the added advantage of influencing your SEO through the backlinks that are naturally created through shares, these backlinks will lead to increased ranking results.

More help is here: Social Signals and why they matter for SEO

To conclude:

You don’t have to lose out to the big companies or spend huge amounts on marketing in order to gain local customers… simply keep your SEO targeted to your local area, create optimised local search engine listings and get active on social media. Do this and you’ll limit the competition and give your small business much better visibility in the search results with increased search engine ranking.

Time to start implementing and seeing those top results!

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