How Emotional Web Copy Can Attract and Intrigue Audiences

Your target audience reads countless words every time they go online. From social media and email marketing to blogs and websites, they face a barrage of content every day.

With such a plethora of copy, it’s important that yours stands out. Customers are numb to stale copy, so to overcome this barrier, you need to make yours emotional.

Emotional web copy taps into your audience as individuals and increases engagement into the bargain. Read on to learn a few tips on how to make your web copy more emotional to attract and intrigue audiences in 2020.

The best content is engaging, emotionally or otherwise. Any content that fails to achieve this can drag down your SEO score. Check out how to protect your website’s quality score by ditching low-quality content here.

Let power words make your copy impactful

The power of a single word or phrase cannot be underestimated in terms of appealing to your customers’ emotions. Changing out a single word for another can have a dramatic effect on your target audience’s emotions and actions afterward.

This is where we see the value of power words.

Power words are a number of words or phrases that elicit a powerful emotional reaction from the reader. Here are a few examples to help illustrate the point:

  • Luxurious
  • Forbidden
  • Exclusive
  • Hack
  • Inspiring

These are just examples, but Optinmonster has a useful list to help guide your copy. Power words can be sprinkled throughout your web copy in order to evoke a desired emotional reaction from your audience.

The goals of these vary. You might want to hook your reader to keep reading, or you may wish to create a sense of urgency (limited, act now, etc) in order to compel them to make a purchase.

Your call-to-action (CTA) plays an important role here too. Once you have placed your target audience into an emotional state, capitalise on it with a powerful CTA that guides them towards your desired action.

For instance, if you have created a sense of urgency around a limited-time offer, a clear ‘buy now’ at the end will encourage your audience to purchase.

That said, don’t overcomplicate it. Mixed messages will jar and detract from your emotional copy. Be clear what you want from your readers and use the power words and CTA to achieve it.

Speak the same language as your audience

The key to emotional web copy is understanding your audience. How can you write emotional copy that hits home and drives engagement if you don’t understand the person you’re writing it for?

This is where buyer personas come in. You likely already know the value of buyer personas, customer profiles that outline who your target consumers are, their pain points (more on these later), their social background, and so on.

Buyer personas and emotional web copy


However, these buyer personas only go so far — you also want to understand the vocabulary, cultural references, hopes and ambitions, and so on that they use and possess.

Create profiles of your customers as living, breathing individuals — this guide from Jericho Writers on character development is a good starting point — and identify how they talk, how they think, what makes them tick and, above all, what makes them feel.

By weaving these elements into your web copy, you can write in a way that speaks to them beyond simply as customers, but as human beings. It is this that attracts, intrigues, and keeps your audiences hooked.

Tap into your customers’ pain points

I mentioned earlier the value of pain points when attempting to tap into your audience’s emotions. Pain points are important because they speak to what motivates your audience as consumers — essentially, the reason they buy your product.

But making a product appeal to a customer’s pain points can be tricky. For instance, is it possible to sell a t-shirt to a customer in an emotional way?

This is where the value of highlighting benefits over features comes into play. Firstly, let’s define each.

Features refer to the static elements of a product — size, specifications, functions, and the like.

Benefits, on the other hand, relate to the way that the aforementioned features help your customer and improve their life.

Pain points

Image Business2Community

You can’t talk about features in an emotional way, but you can with benefits. You could highlight the positive mood your customer will enjoy as a result of the alleviated stress from a cooking gadget, for instance.

This is just an example, of course. But it illustrates the importance of focusing on the emotional side of benefits in attracting prospective customers.

Embrace the age-old power of storytelling

We’ve already looked at the value of focusing on benefits over features as a conduit for appealing to your audience’s emotions and engaging them with a product. But this can be expanded and taken further by embracing storytelling in your web copy.

Stories are by their nature emotive. The best narratives are those that engage and compel by tapping into emotions, and this is a powerful method of attracting and intriguing customers for marketing purposes too.

Begin by focusing on your target customer and thinking about the stresses and problems they face as consumers — use the customer profiles we mentioned earlier. As an example, if you sell duvets, pillows, and other kinds of bedding, your target audience might struggle with sleeping issues.

Transform this struggle into a narrative, speaking directly to your audience as individuals — these templates from WebFX are a good place to start. Write this just like any other story is written, with a beginning, middle, and end, but place your customer at its centre. This struggle to sleep is your conflict, your customer is your main character, and your happy ending is your product.

The story should speak to the customer as a human being. Use personal pronouns (I, you, he, she, we, they, and so on). This creates a personal dialogue with your audience that makes them feel personally addressed, and thus more emotionally susceptible to your narrative as a result.

Emotional web copy is key to getting under your target audience’s skin and increasing engagement in 2020. Follow the tips above and create emotive, compelling web copy that cuts through the noise and straight to your audience again and again.

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