5 Reasons Why You Should Be Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has become increasingly popular and not without reason; building your online authority through this inbound marketing strategy has a massive impact on business growth.

The combination of awareness, personal brand building, referral traffic and links that guest blogging provides has the power to significantly boost your online visibility and your sales.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging involves writing blog posts for other websites.

But that’s not nearly all:

Writing high-quality and insightful content for other similar blogs in your industry is an excellent way to establish your authority.

Creating authentic and originally written posts on topics which are relevant to the blogging site is mutually beneficial; the blogging site gains good fresh content, while the author bio on the guest blog provides an introduction to the guest blogger and includes a backlink which ensures that the writer is genuine while also attracting traffic from the blogging site to the author’s.

It’s a straightforward quid pro quo:

When you write a blog for another website as a guest, you promote your own brand. It’s the perfect trade to gain recognition and receive more targeted visitors to your site.

Still not convinced about the benefits of guest blogging? Take a look at these 5 big advantages of this inbound marketing strategy.

The 5 most significant reasons to guest blog:

  1. Establish authority: Good quality content is paramount in gaining relevance and popularity for your website. Well-written and authoritative content that speaks to the readers in addition to engaging them and keeping them hooked is the perfect type of content for blogs and this will help establish the website as an authority on the subject.
    Search engines love sites that provide useful and authentic information. Through guest blogging on such sites the guest blogger benefits by way of exposure to the readers of a niche category who are genuinely looking for relevant information, resulting in the guest blogger establishing his or her authority as a quality writer.

  2. Visibility and targeted traffic: One of the biggest benefits of writing a top-quality guest post is the instant exposure it brings. Done the right way, guest blogging will result in targeted traffic and sales. To boost your chances of conversion you should optimise your site’s landing pages and CTA’s.

  3. Improved search ranking: When you write and publish several guest articles on authoritative blogs, your search rankings will improve. Guest posting earns you link juice which translates into higher rankings in the search engine results.
    One of the main ranking criteria for search engines is the relevancy and quality of links that point to a website. Guest posting on high-quality and relevant websites will earn high-quality and relevant links pointing towards your site, which will increase your search ranking.
    However, always remember that your focus should be on the quality of the content that you’re creating rather than simply a link to your blog or website.

  4. Shares, followers, and leads: Guest blogging not only increases the number of social media shares to your content, it will also boost your number of followers and generate leads. Contributing to an authoritative blog earns you trust as they are essentially vouching for your brand.
    Remember to customise your contributor profile and include links to your social media accounts to make it easy for your new fans to follow you.
    Winning your target audience’s trust and turning them into active social media followers is just the first step, reward them with regular updates and useful information that aligns with their interests.

  5. Guest blogging builds relationships and trust: Good content is the foundation of any blog. Bloggers and website owners are in search of kickass content for their blogs and websites. When you gain a reputation for providing that type of content to people in the blogging world, it will help you promote your business, resulting in increased website traffic, more subscribers to your blog and ultimately more people that trust you and want to do business with you.



A guest post can help you achieve so much more than traffic, links and brand visibility. It can bring in quick sales and increase revenue.  Guest blogging is a very effective inbound marketing strategy, especially when you carefully research industry blogs and create high-value content that people can’t find elsewhere.

As Neil Patel says: “Great content does one essential thing: improve your brand image. It also gives the right audience a strong reason to listen to you.”

Guest blogging allows you to communicate with the right people for the right reasons and is, without a doubt, a crucial step for online marketing success.

Do you guest blog already or is this something you’ve been thinking about? Were you aware of all the benefits of guest blogging?

Would you like to contribute to SEO+?

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Would you like to contribute to SEO+?

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32 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Be Guest Blogging”

  1. Excellent tips, Hazel.

    I’m not sure we’re exactly best matched, but i’m sure our industries will cross over in some form. More than happy to discuss further.

    Thanks again for the great tips!

  2. I do occasionally guest on others blogs. I’m resident on the Pac Club. And I do accept guest spots on Infobunny but they must be over 1500 characters to get considered.

    Let me know if you are interested in a spot 😉

    • Hey Dexter, I love your blogs and I’d be happy to write a guest post for you. Let me know if you’d like to contribute to our blog too.

      • Yes I would be interested lets connect on Facebook, send me your requirements and we can get started.

  3. Hi Hazel,

    I believe that guest post is not just for adding the content into others blog but is more about adding the value. I believe that we are on the same path. It will be good to see If I have an opportunity to publish a guest post on SEO+.


    • Yes, I absolutely agree about the value Gaurav. If you’d like to add value to the SEO+ blog that would be great!

  4. Hi Hazel,

    Some great reasons why guest blogging is important for SEO – It is for these and many other reasons I’ve started offering $100 each month towards a guest author competition on my site. I’ve left a link to it on my name if you are interested 😉 I’ve read that Google doesn’t recommend it as an SEO tactic however I think if the content is good and linked correctly than it does help influence rankings a great deal.

    I love the article Hazel and look forward to reading more 🙂

    Kind Regards


    • Thanks for commenting Richard. That’s a cool competition! Are you attracting lots of good quality guest posts?

      • Hi Hazel,

        My pleasure it’s always good to read new articles on guest blogging 😉

        Well it’s only just started and it’s early days yet, so I’ve really just had people register so far 🙂

  5. Hazel, I’ve enjoyed the couple of places I’ve guest blogged in the past. It is interesting to see new readers and different viewpoints as each place have a slightly different voice and flavor to it. I especially liked #5 because building relationships and friendships are the most important thing to a business. It is easier to refer my friends to business that I like and trust! ~ Johana

  6. Absolutely Johanna, relationships and friendships are hugely important in business. Thanks so much for commenting.

  7. Thanks for giving insights on guest blogging! Does the DA of the blog matter? Traffic generated from guest blogging is organic, referral or social?

    • Sites with a higher DA tend to rank better and be of better quality so guest blogging on these sites would be an advantage.

  8. Guest posting as a white hat technic to get do follow or no follow backlink but getting too many backlinks from similar niche or similar website is not good for SEO.

  9. Wonderful post as usual. Guest blogging is a wonderful way to make new connections and build your brand or authority …. I like viewing different blogs as you pick up a variety of information, tips, and insights ..

  10. I haven’t tried guest posting, but I allow guest posts on my blog. This post inspires me to try it out. Thanks

  11. I enjoy guest blogging and inviting guest bloggers to my site. I love when they fill in info that my readers crave.

  12. Hello Hazel,
    Great post. I guess I’ve never really understood the SEO value of guest posting. I do guest post on PAC each month (just started back again) and also sometimes on another writer’s site.

    I guess I need to pay closer attention to what’s happening and what’s working. Thank you for the suggestions and help.

    • No problem Monna, it’s great that you found the article helpful. Great too that you’re guest posting again and yes, it’s definitely worth checking on what’s working for you.

  13. Hi Hazel,
    Thanks for great tips about Guest Post. I am sure this will inspire all of your reader to try guest post. It is sure one can get a quality back link through guest post. Thanks again for guest blogging tips.

  14. Hey Hazel,
    Many people only see the backlink profit in guest blogging. That’s the reason they hire SEO firms to do link building stuffs and we know the quality of content we get from these firms.

    One big positive factor is the relationship we build with other bloggers. Blogging is about expanding on one’s zone of influence and guest posting not only connects you with more readers. It also takes you closer to different blog owners as well.

    Thanks for throwing more lights to the subject Hazel

    • You’re welcome Enstine and you’re so right about guest blogging being great for building relationships

  15. Hi Hazel,

    You did a great job covering the topic. Guest posting has always existed. However, in the last couple of years, Google has been warning SEO with abuse of this technique. Personally, I see that if the guest article is well-written, well-optimized, and is relevant to the audience, there is nothing wrong with it. Google is likely afraid of those who publish weak articles on PBN blogs. They have every right to be. Still, guest posting as SEO technique is probably my favorite. Not only does it help promote your blog, but it helps build connections with other bloggers as well.

    Thanks again for writing this amazing piece!

  16. Hey Hazel,

    Great post, you’re right that guest posting is great for bloggers
    in many different ways. I’ve just started accepting guest bloggers
    on WordsByJustin.com myself (blogging advice, SEO, social media)
    and it’s great for developing blogger relationships and getting feedback
    on our blogs and posts.

    I see Dexter Roona commenting here – he’s just guest posted on my
    site and been very helpful with pointing out my misuse of Yoast, so
    there’s a benefit I wasn’t necessarily expecting.

    Btw let me know if you’re interested in guest posting, I can also put
    you in touch with other guest posters! 😉


    • Great to see you here Justin! Sure, I’d be interested in writing a guest post – do you have any particular SEO related topic you’d like covered?


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