How to Get Google Reviews in 4 Simple Steps

Let’s talk about reviews and more specifically Google reviews.


Because having a good number of Google reviews have a positive impact on your ranking and as a result your online visibility increases as well as the all-important trust element, which is super important if you want more people to buy from you.

If customers are willing to praise you, it shows that they trust you and are prepared to vouch for you, which is an important signal to potential customers and Google.

What’s more, according to Local Search Ranking Factors for 2023 “online reviews are now the third most important factor for local pack rankings – overtaking links” (Source: BrightLocal)

Where are the best places to have reviews?

Good places to gain reviews include Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and industry-specific review sites.

Google, however, is one of the most important sources of customer reviews because these are shown in the search results much more than any other reviews on the web.

If you can attract reviews on your Google listing, it’s a fantastic way of standing out from your competitors in local searches because the searcher’s eyes are immediately drawn to the listings with more star ratings and reviews.

Added to this, recent key stats show that 82% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses and the average consumer reads 10 reviews before feeling able to trust a business.

So as we’ve established having 10 or more reviews on your Google listing will give you an advantage.

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How to get Google reviews.

Although you’re dependent on your customers to leave reviews, Google is happy for you to ask clients to provide feedback (as long as there’s no bribery or payment to secure reviews).

You can ask for a review in a multitude of ways, I find that a simple follow-up email works well for me.

To help speed this process up, I recommend writing out a template email to send to each customer a few hours after you have finished providing the service/product. Within your template, you can include your Google review link which takes them directly to the page.

Take a look at the four steps below, which include an email template you can use.

4 Simple Steps to Get More Google Reviews:

1. Make a list of your recent happy customers

These will be your best brand advocates.

  • Google search your business name
  • Click on the Get More Reviews tab
  • Click on your review link to copy it
  • Give customers this link to review your business on Google
  • You can then share this link with customers in your emails, text messages, or even on printouts.
  • When customers click on this link, they’ll be taken directly to your review page where they can rate your business and leave a review.
Google Reviews

3. Compose a short email

Include key points such as why you are asking for a review, how to leave a review, how long it will take, and thank them for their feedback

Include a clear Call To Action link to the review in your email and make this the single goal for the reader to make the process as easy as possible.

I’ve included a possible template for you below:

Hello [customer/client’s name]

It was a pleasure working with you on your project. Thank you for your business.

We aim to provide the very best service possible so we are always looking for ways to improve. Gaining feedback on our service helps us enhance your experience and helps to make our customers happy.

We would love to hear your feedback. If you could take a minute or two to write a quick Google review for us we would be very grateful.

To submit your review, please click the direct link below

[Insert your Google review URL link here.]

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, it’s very much appreciated. I look forward to reading your feedback.

[your name]

4. Thank them immediately after they have left a review

As you attract reviews on your Google My Business listing, post a response as this shows that you value your customers and the feedback that they leave about your business. Show your appreciation and make it personal by referencing specific things they mentioned in the review.

Your reviews will soon grow and help drive traffic to your website, increase your website’s ranking, boost conversions from clicks to sales, and help build your reputation.

If we’ve worked together or you find value in what I have to say, please do leave a review on our Google Business Listing to help others find ethical SEO support. Thank you – I appreciate you.

Customer feedback is AMAZING for your business for many reasons, including:

  • Building Trust: When customers praise you, it shows they trust you and are willing to vouch for you. This is a crucial signal to potential customers and to Google.
  • Boosting Visibility: Reviews help increase your online visibility and credibility, making it easier for more people to find you and decide to buy from you.
  • Authentic Marketing: Reviews provide real people sharing real words about real experiences they’ve had with you. It’s marketing gold!

But let’s face it, people often forget to leave feedback unless you ask them – and asking doesn’t have to be difficult. I hope this post has inspired you to ask your clients and customers for a Google review.

Be sure to let me know how you get on.

3 thoughts on “How to Get Google Reviews in 4 Simple Steps”

  1. There can be nothing so easier and simpler than the 4 steps described in this post. With such valuable information in hand, getting Google reviews isn’t a big deal now. I recommend using these steps for everyone because a review on Google has the most weight-age and helps improve your online presence.

  2. Google My Business is such a simple but powerful tool! Definitely something we can all learn from. Thank for sharing

  3. Getting “Google reviews” can significantly impact your business’s online reputation & visibility. The most straightforward way to get Google reviews is to ask your satisfied customers directly. Whether it’s in person, via email, or through your website, politely request feedback from customers who have had a positive experience with your business. Make the request personal and specific, and consider providing a direct link to your Google My Business (GMB) listing to make leaving a review as easy as possible.


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