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Is Google Adwords the Right Marketing Tool for You?

If you’re after instant visibility in Google, Google Adwords could be the marketing tool that’s right for you. Google Adwords campaigns can drive qualified traffic directly to your website. You are in control of your budget and can set budget limits per day and per click through to your website, which makes it easy to keep an eye on your marketing spend.

However, (yes, there is a downside) achieving a successful Adwords campaign requires monitoring and refining your strategy in order to maximise your return on investment. If you want to manage your own Adwords account, take a look at the 9 tips below to help you maximise the effectiveness of your Adwords campaign.

Google Adwords has become more and more complex, so if you want to gain more customers and avoid wasting money we recommend using a trusted Google Adword Specialist.

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Google Adwords

How to maximise the effectiveness of your Google Adwords Campaign

1 – Measure It;

To know what is and isn’t working, you will need to measure it. To do this you will want to link your Google Adwords account with Google Analytics and set up ‘Goal’ conversions.

Doing this will give you the data you need to discover which of your keywords convert the best (don’t just focus on the amount of clicks a keyword gets). Once you know this, you can maximise the impact and exposure of these keywords to get more of the same.

2 – Split-Test;

Did you know with just a few small tweaks to your Ads, you could receive double the clicks with no uplift in Cost Per Click? In fact, it will help reduce your Cost Per Click!

Split testing means testing one variation of an Ad with another, this will involve small changes in the text and/or messaging. Run it for a short period, pronounce the winner, pause the loser and keep going!

4 – Search Query Reports

Search query reports contain the actual search terms your Ads appeared for. If you use Broad or Phrase match keywords then this data is extremely valuable.

Firstly, it will allow you to add more Exact match keywords to your account by identifying popular searches. Bidding on these searches with an Exact match type will help reduce your Cost Per Click.

Secondly, you should find keywords in there that you do not want to appear for. More on this below;

5 – Negatives

Keywords you do not want to appear for should be added as Negatives. This means there-on, searches containing that Negative keyword will not show your Ad.

This will reduce wasted clicks and potentially increase your Click Through Rates due to a more relevant audience.

7 – Display URL

One of the most powerful but under used tools to increase your Click Through Rates is your Display URL. Only a very small percentage of advertisers use this effectively.

Use these additional characters to work in some additional messaging or to re-confirm the specific subject (matching the searched keyword) of your page and therefore the suitability of your Ad.

9 – Re-Structure

An Adwords account is an ever evolving beast. You will want to cull keywords, put others on a pedestal, change Ads, create new campaigns and more.

If you don’t re-structure your account, you cannot maximise the efficiency of every change you make which could cost a lot of money! Keep it fluid.

9 – Retargeting

Once you have the highest quality of traffic to your website, you are in the best position to start retargeting.

It’s a fact of life that no matter how compelling your offer, the timing just isn’t going to be right for every single visitor. Retargeting will enable you to effectively ‘follow’ your visitors around the web by use of banner Ad placements. This keeps you top of mind and makes your company look like THE primary choice for when they are ready.

It can also give the impression of an organisation much ‘bigger’ than you possibly are, which can further add credibility.

The above 9 tips were provided by Pixal Marketing

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