10 Content Marketing Tools You Need In Your Life

As a brand, making your job as easy as possible will save you time and give you the confidence you need to make bold marketing decisions. If one technique fails, you can quickly ‘bail’ and try out another. You can even pick out tools that will come up with campaign suggestions – perfect for those days when you’re just feeling a bit uninspired and not sure what to try next.

Your content marketing tool collection should include software that helps you schedule, gather feedback, auto-generate and customize easily. They should also be intuitive and packed with features that open up unexplored avenues.

Here are the 10 content marketing tools you need in your life:


If you’re hosting native ad campaigns, you will need a hosting platform like Outbrain to help you connect with your target readers and publications. With a tool like Outbrain (or Taboola) you can amplify your native articles and get them on the leading sites across the world.

These places attract millions of views per day. Provided your articles provide useful information and meet the requirements for publishing, you can upload news stories, articles – even videos. This site will help you spread your message far and wide.


Hubspot is the one-stop marketing platform that will help you track and schedule all things social media related, all from one dashboard. Hubspot will offer customer support tools and ‘how to’ tutorials on everything from social media analytics tips to scheduling posts for maximum engagement.

You can also track your conversion rates, your site’s organic traffic, and access other sales and marketing software functions. The website is designed to make automating your content marketing ‘a doddle’ and boy, does it ever deliver the goods!


As all content marketers know, high quality copywriting is vital for holding your audience’s attention and compelling them to make a purchase. Good copywriters don’t come cheap. But, if you are looking for a reliable site, Copify is an excellent service. You can find editors, writers, proofreaders, and researchers.

What makes this a tool rather more than a pay-as-you go service is its subscription pricing model. For £69 a month, you can access their Blog Package. Membership includes eight posts per month, social shares, and royalty-free images. You can, however, also choose to pay for services as you use them.


Clearvoice is a content marketing ecosystem like Copify, only it attracts very high profile names, including writers from Mashable and Forbes. If you are looking at pitching ideas for marketing campaigns, this should be your go-to site. You can set up collaborations with high-end writers and mold your content ideas into fully fledged creations.


This social media analysis tool helps you build a highly detailed picture of your audience’s social media usage across different networks. Use it to search for popular niche terms and find out the most popular shares and networks. You can also find details on the content characteristics that attract the most hits from your fans. Buzzsumo is a must-have tool for link-building campaigns.


It’s no secret that the second biggest site in the world, Facebook, is a social media site. These platforms dominate much of internet users time and attention. Therefore, if you’re a brand looking to get noticed, try making the most out of your aggregated content with a tool like Sniply.

If you spot a piece of content related to your products, Sniply lets you attach a small ad to the bottom of it. You can then choose to share this modified content in the hopes that you attract a few clicks to your site. Make the most of the Sniply service offerings by including some sort of lead capture or opt-in when linking back to your site.


If you are looking for an easy-to-use option for creating an online store, Shopify offers all the features you need to build a great-looking store with sophisticated features. With its vast onsite app marketplace, you can automate everything from retargeting ads, to personalized recommendations, abandoned cart emails, and much much more. All sites can be built up from templates, and there is access to help and support 24/7.


This is another highly effective program for creating lead capture pages. OptimizePress can be synced with your WordPress site. This allows you to generate high-converting landing pages with ease. Membership sites can also be set up with OptimizePress.

The service is designed to keep your precious information safely behind a paywall for buying customers. If you are looking for ways to create a highly targeted and efficient sales funnel, this could be a tool worth exploring.


Hootsuite is a fantastic social media scheduling tool that offers you full visibility of your social media presence online. Combine your feeds and messages into one easy to navigate dashboard and forget about ever missing out on a story again. You can even choose to create multiple dashboards and schedules for different subject areas. If you’re a fan of social media, you should definitely check out some of Hootsuite’s extensive features.


AWeber is a great email marketing platform that’s been around for a very long time. It is reasonably priced, and it allows you to create and collect emails for multiple email campaigns. You can also use it to make forms and responder emails for targeted campaign segments.

One of the standout features of AWeber is the RSS to email connectivity. This tool allows you to automatically turn your latest blog post into an email campaign and get it blasted out to your subscribers in seconds.

So there you have 10 of the best content marketing tools you need in your life.
As an apparent 11th tool to add to the list, you will, of course, need your site to be connected to 
Google Analytics. Once you are up and running and ‘crunching the numbers’ through Google Analytics, use any or all of the above-listed tools to help you boost your traffic figures across all channels.

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