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Reading through what we can do for you, checking out our qualities and browsing through our SEO articles and advice is all very well, but we think it’s equally important to show you examples of how we have helped some of our previous clients. Have a look at some of our SEO case studies below.

We thrive on improving ranking in Google for the search terms that potential customers use so that, not only is the website’s online visibility significantly improved for the right keywords but more importantly, targeted traffic to the site is greatly increased leading to more enquiries and sales, resulting too in very happy clients and lovely testimonials!

We spend time getting to know your business in order to optimise your site effectively and work hard to ensure the best results possible.

If you want your website to rank at the top of Google and generate huge volumes of leads that convert our SEO Services will do that

SEO Case studies – the results speak for themselves

I love seeing my clients fly.

1. SEO Case Study: YouBoat Marine

At the beginning of 2020, YouBoat Marine’s website manager scheduled a call with me. At the time, YouBoat operated both online and from their shop in Gosport, they had a goal to increase their turnover by 50% and wanted to know if our Ecommerce SEO package would do that for them.

What we did:
Following on from our SEO Audit, we fixed crawl errors, sorted 301 redirects, improved page speed and site performance. Keyword research, competitor analysis and on-site SEO was our next step together with optimising the key areas to better demonstrate expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Category and product pages were given a complete overhaul and fully optimised to increase visibility in search, user experience and sales. We also created more of the right content to further improve the site’s organic ranking and increase sales.

The Result:
Within 4 months of beginning work, ranking had increased for many of their products and the site began to have some solid page 1 ranking visibility. This led to a 50 – 70% increase in the number of visitors arriving at the YouBoat site, every month, as a result of an organic Google search. The increase in website visitors has been directly responsible for their increase in sales, and that wasn’t just a small increase – sales are up 70% on last year!

The business has grown considerably since we teamed up, so much so, that they’ve opened two new stores and have a brand new website about to go live. The power of SEO is incredible!

What the client says:
“Hazel’s SEO work has contributed to excellent sales and traffic growth”

2. SEO Case Study: TantoLabels

Tanto Labels SEO Case Study

The Problem:
The client called us towards the end of 2018, frustrated that he had lost his page 1 ranking for most of his highest converting search terms. His many competitors were now ranking way above him in Google. In the past, Tanto Labels, a UK Label Manufacturers, had enjoyed page one ranking in Google for many of these key phrases and he needed to rank for their best and most competitive keyword “Barcode Labels” again.

What we did:
We completed a full SEO audit and created a tailored and prioritised SEO strategy. Site errors were fixed and the user experience improved. After extensive keyword and competitor research, the site’s pages were fully optimised and all current content improved to provide as much value as possible to the sites’ visitors.

Using our E-A-T checklist, we worked on demonstrating their Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT) in all the key areas on and off the website.

High-quality and relevant sub-topical content was created in the site’s blog to support their core products and service.

The Result:
The site’s Domain Authority increased from 24 to 32. Page 1 Google ranking for “barcode labels” and other related terms and label types was achieved within 6 months, despite the fierce competition. Tanto Labels now has page 1 ranking for a wide variety of targeted and competitive terms, such as:

“ITF14 Labels”
“EAN13 Labels”
“GTIN13 Labels”
“Barcoded Labels”
“plain barcode”
“EAN Labels”
“barcode labels”
“Fanfold Labels”
“Barcode Stickers”
“printed barcodes”
“Next Day Labels”

What the client says:
“Very Professional , No-Nonsense SEO Consultants that get great results”

3. SEO Case Study: FeetByPody

FeetByPody SEO Case Study

The Problem:
The client first approached us in the July of 2016. He knew he needed SEO because he had very little online visibility and with 4 chiropody clinics in the London area he was eager to be found by his local market. He was aware however that he had a lot of local competition and being found for search terms such as “London Chiropodist” was unlikely. He had many reservations about hiring another SEO company when the previous one wasn’t able to produce any results.

What we did:
We analysed his top competitors and researched the best keywords to target. We then developed each unique page to showcase his individual services more effectively while also targeting one particular keyword, topic or phrase and optimised all associated visible and metadata.

We set up and optimised a Google My business listing for each of his 4 clinics and worked with the client to gain Google reviews for each one. Relevant backlinks and citations were also gained.

We created and continue to create optimised, relevant and insightful blog posts as we wanted to show that the client is an authority in his field to increase the all-important trust factor from Google while being seen as a top chiropody resource by his potential customers. We also increased his brand and website exposure with an effective social media campaign targeted to his local audience.

The Result:
The site’s Domain Authority has increased from 16 to 25. Traffic to the site has increased significantly and visitors finding the site as a result of a Google search has increased by 86.72% from the same time period last year. The site now appears on the first page of Google for its main search terms including “London Chiropodist” even though are about 312,000 competing websites!

The site had very little online visibility in Google but within a few months that changed and the site now ranks on page 1 of Google for the following highly competitive search terms:

“chiropodist canary wharf”
“chiropodist london bridge”
“london chiropodist”
“chiropodist greenwich”
“Chiropodist in London City”
“chiropodist london”
“london podiatrist”
“Foot care services london”

What the client says:
Nicolas Ivanoff: “Hazel and SEO+ have been the best investment in my business for years. I have finally found someone that can be trusted, professional, reliable and deliver the work. And this not only for a one-off job but months after months we all see the results. I have tried several SEO consultants in the past and I have always been extremely disappointed. HAZEL is by far the most serious one. She knows stuff.”

4. SEO Case Study: Diamond Boutique

Diamond Boutique SEO Case Study

The Problem:
The client first approached us in the October of 2014. His site was slipping down the search engine results pages and his sales had been hit hard. He knew he had a lot of competition and was very worried about his business. He needed to show up on the first page of Google again if he wanted to remain in business.

What we did:
We performed a complete SEO audit initially and uncovered various indexing issues that we fixed as a matter of a priority. We corrected the huge amount of duplicate page content errors which related largely to the product pages containing so little unique content that they were being flagged as duplicates.

We carried out extensive keyword research and created high-quality, relevant, and linkable content which helped in developing strong internal links.

Meta description tags and title tags were updated for each page to better reflect the page’s content and increase click-throughs from the search engine results.

The site’s link profile was checked and we improved the quality of backlinks and continued to gain more from authoritative sites.

The Result:
The site’s Domain Authority continued to increase as work progressed and is now 51! This has more than doubled from January 2016 when it was 24.

Traffic to the site has increased considerably each year and visitors finding the site as a result of a Google search has increased by 76%. The site now appears on the first page of Google for many of its products in spite of the fierce competition.

gemstone rings
emerald rings
sapphire rings
amethyst rings
ruby rings

What the client says:
Pritesh Vegad: “Hazel managed our SEO campaign and she did a fantastic job maintaining our current positions as well as improving positions for other keywords. She has a wealth of knowledge and her passion for SEO can be seen in her work. She provided great content for our website and we look forward to working with her again in the near future. Thanks Hazel!”

5. SEO Case Study: Store Guru

Store Guru SEO Case Study

The Problem:
Although the site was over two years old it was attracting very limited traffic and the client needed the site to be found by his target market in order to increase his sales.

Four months ago Store Guru was only being found for very refined search terms in Google and Dave was keen to increase the site’s visibility in Google so he could be found throughout the UK for the services that he provides.

What we did:
We carried out extensive keyword research in order to target the right search terms for this business while being careful about competing in a very competitive market. We then optimised the site accordingly. We wanted to showcase the individual services more effectively and therefore added fresh, relevant and optimised content to promote these. We also gained relevant backlinks and provided recommendations on related elements to further enhance the site’s visibility.

The Result:
Traffic to the site has increased substantially and visitors finding the site as a result of a Google search has increased by 81.08% from the same time period last year. The site now appears on the first page of Google for its main search terms.

The site went from having very poor search engine ranking and only for very refined search terms to being found on page 1 of Google within four months for the following highly competitive search terms:

“Shop Design”
“Shop Design Companies”
“Retail Shop Branding”
“Retail Design Companies”

What the client says:
Dave Stickland: “Great news, we got confirmation yesterday that the £5000.00 design job that we won for our newest client was as a direct result of your SEO work – so thank you v.v.much, great to see.”

6. SEO Case Study: Harford Bridge Dartmoor Campsite

Harford Bridge SEO Case Study

The Problem:
Harford Bridge Holiday Park is an award-winning Devon campsite in Dartmoor National Park. The client wanted their website found by people looking for a Dartmoor holiday. The park also has a Shepherd’s Hut that offers a special proposition called ‘comfortable camping’ and the client wanted this promoted.
Before SEO+ started work, the site had poor ranking for search terms associated with Dartmoor. The client was concerned about business passing them by as other sites were better optimised. Building on an interesting and informative website launched in 2011, SEO+ were asked to retroactively engineer what had been overlooked in the original development brief.

What we did:
SEO+ analysed competing websites and researched the best keywords. More relevant information was added to existing pages and the title tags, meta data and other tags were optimised. Extra optimised information about Dartmoor was added.  An optimised page dedicated to the Shepherd’s Hut was also added in order to promote this better. Other SEO factors that we undertook included adding a XML sitemap to help search engines index the site more intelligently and gaining relevant backlinks. Advice was also given on improving Social Media activity

The Result:
In 5 months the site has gained well over an extra one and a half thousand visitors and over a thousand of these were as a result of using a search engine.
In less than 4 months this site gained 1st page Google ranking for many search terms associated with Dartmoor, camping and holidays and the site also ranked on Google’s first page for shepherd’s hut related search terms

What the client says:
Paul Williamson: “We had overlooked the importance of SEO in the re-design and development of our new website. During the website project our business strategy was changing, so our requirements for optimisation lacked any real clarity at the time.  A year on from website launch, SEO+ were employed to improve our rankings along specific lines of business development. 

We are very pleased with the rapid, measurable improvement in our search engine rankings and other ‘behind the scenes’ work.  Employing SEO+ has proven to be an economical and effective means of improving the visibility of what is a good looking site. We will continue to work with SEO+ and our website designers to maintain a competitive edge.”

7. SEO Case Study: Itseeze Ipswich Web Design

SEO Case Studies - Ipswich Web Design

The Problem:
Sue wanted her web design company to be found by local businesses searching for her services in Google and was frustrated that her competition was on Google’s first page while she was no where to be seen.

5 months ago she had very few website visitors and no one was finding her site in a search engine as a result of searching for the services that she offers. Sue needed her website to be found by her target market and needed to attract more business.

What we did:
SEO+ took into account her target market and researched the best keywords for each of her current pages. We then optimised her web pages and her code accordingly. We wanted to showcase her individual services more effectively and therefore added fresh, relevant and optimised content to promote these. Relevant backlinks were gained and advice was given on using social media more effectively.

The Result:
Within 4 months the overall number of visitors increased significantly and visitors finding her site as a result of searching for her services in Google has more than tripled.

The site went from having very poor search engine ranking and only for very refined search terms to being found on page 1 of Google for the following highly competitive search terms:

Ipswich web design”
“Business websites Ipswich”

“Business web design Ipswich”

What the client says:
Sue Jamil: “Hazel has been putting the time in to my website providing an invaluable SEO resource to improve my rankings…SEO is such a complicated game for most to play, it pays to have the support of someone who knows what they’re doing. Thank you, Hazel..onwards and upwards!”

8. SEO Case Study: Pens Unlimited Pen Printers

SEO Case Studies - Pen Unlimited

The Problem:
Simon and Lesley, the owners of Pens Unlimited, were keen to promote their printed pen services throughout the UK and wanted their site found for a variety of search terms that their potential customers might use.

This site had very poor ranking 6 months ago and had no ranking for any search terms that didn’t also include the words ‘Newton Abbot’ or ‘Devon’

What we did:
SEO+ spent time understanding the business and researching the target market. The website was analysed and all the pages were optimised to ensure they were search engine and user friendly and focused to the best and most relevant search terms. Internal keyword rich links were added and the site was submitted to various search engines and directories. More relevant outbound links were gained and advice on using Social Media was given.

The Result:
This site has steadily gained visitors and most of these are as a result of a search engine. Within 5 months this site gained first page Google ranking for –

“Pen printers uk”
“UK pen printing company”
“Marketing pens uk”
“Multi coloured pen merchandise”
“Promotional pen printing uk” 

What the client says:
Simon and Lesley Dickinson: We have been using Hazel since the beginning of this year and couldn’t be more pleased with the results that she has been able to get for us. Previously we had been paying for optimisation but our site was still not being seen and visited.
Hazel took time to get to know us and more importantly our business and spent a good deal of her time researching our industry in order for her to be able to offer value to our website.
It is without hesitation that we would recommend Hazel, we have found her to be very professional and someone who can speak our language whilst being able to do her ‘geeky’ stuff too!!”

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