How to Create SEO Friendly Blogs

Hey, you’re writing a blog? Congratulations!

It’s full of useful information? Great, your visitors are going to love it… so where are your visitors?

Aww, I know that feeling – you research your topic, you get your creative juices flowing, you re-read, you tweak, you fret a little, research a bit more and then tweak some more until you really feel that it’s a pretty darn good blog post… wahey! And then you post it and wait… and wait… and wait. Nothing happens.

So how do you get your blog ranked by those hard-to-please search engines and gain targeted visitors and an interested audience?

Create SEO friendly Blogs to gain an audience


5 Tips to Create SEO friendly Blogs

  1. Optimise the Title 
    The title of your post is one of the first things that search engines see and those first words in your title are considered to be the most important so don’t neglect this point. It is unlikely, however, that you will gain strong ranking for more than one keyword due to the fact that using various keywords will dilute the relevancy of all of them. To find the best title for your post, consider what words people might enter into a search engine in order to find the type of information that you are offering.
    Tip: focus on one keyword and make sure it’s at the beginning of your title.
  1. Create good Content
    The quality of your content is the most critical element of search engine optimisation for your blog. Writing for your human audience and providing valuable, relevant and interesting information will lead to visitors sharing your content and passing on the link to your post which in turn will help your search engine ranking.
    Keeping your content relevant, unique and fresh also has the advantage of maximising its SEO effectiveness as Google thrives on new and focused content.
    Tip: post regularly and keep blogs focused and relevant to your title.
  2. Find and use the best Keywords
    Use the best and most relevant keywords throughout your post and ensure the post remains focused to your title. In order to gain good search engine ranking for your post use your targeted keywords in sub headings and content and also image alt tags.
    Tip: Use your keywords throughout your post but remember to keep it natural
  3. Relevant Links
    Search engines assume blog posts with links carry more authority than those without links. The linked word also matters; your keyword needs to be included in the link for maximum impact.
    External links offer the most value in terms of SEO, especially from sites that search engines already consider to be an authority on the subject
    Tip: include keyword rich anchor text links within your post as search engines assume the keyword used in the link is more important and therefore relevant, however be careful not to overdo it.
  4. Appropiate Tags
    Add tags that reflect the topic of your blog in order to help both humans and search engines find what they are looking for. Google indexes these tags and will use them to prioritize your site in its search ranking for those terms.
    Tip: Don’t overdo the number of tags and ensure the tags are related to your content. Between five and ten appropriate tags are recommended.

The bottom line…

Blogs should not be used to try and manipulate the search engines. Blogs naturally fulfil certain criteria that search engines look for in order to rank pages high, so creating a well written and focused blog will naturally give search engines exactly what they want to provide for their users – good, focused and up to date information on the subject that they are searching for.

The key to creating successful SEO friendly blogs is to write genuine and helpful posts combined with a good dose of relevancy together with a good but natural sprinkling of your best keywords.


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Happy successful blogging!

Hazel Jarrett


Hazel Jarrett About Hazel Jarrett

Hazel is a SEO Consultant based in Devon and working with businesses throughout the UK. She has a real passion for website optimisation and gaining top Google ranking results for all types of websites. With many years of SEO experience and research under her belt she knows what works and what to avoid.
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