SEO That Works

If you want to be found on Page 1 of Google and be found by your potential customers you need SEO that works. Our passion is making your website work for you by providing the right service to make that happen. SEO+ have achieved traffic and sales growth that lasts, for a diverse range of businesses throughout the UK. Our infographic details our top three services that have given us a … [Read more...]

6 WordPress SEO Plugins To Help You Dominate The Search Engines

There is no doubt that SEO is hard work, especially if you’re new to it. A successful SEO campaign requires a mixture of technical knowledge and networking flair and it all takes a lot of time. Luckily for you if are undergoing an SEO campaign and your website is built with WordPress then your life is about to get a whole lot easier.   WordPress takes a lot of the headaches out of … [Read more...]

Never run out of blog content ideas again!

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve looked at why blogging and content creation are good for business, as well as ways to spread the word about your content to drive traffic to your website and generate social shares. One of the common concerns we hear from our clients is, ‘That’s all very well but how do we keep coming up with fresh blog content?’ or ‘What if we run out of things to … [Read more...]

11 ways to promote your blog and attract more traffic to your website

In last week’s blog, we looked at why blogging and content creation are good for business, from creating fresh content for Google to index and ranking for specific keywords to, most importantly, adding value for your customers and giving them new reasons to regularly visit your website. Unfortunately, it isn’t a case of ‘write it and they will come’ - writing a blog is just the … [Read more...]

Why blogging and content creation are good for business

Having had a few weeks earlier this year when we didn’t publish a new blog article because we were busy with client work, I was determined to get momentum around the SEO+ blog back up and running. Having posted a new article a few weeks ago – Our 10 favourite free SEO tools to optimise your website – and several since, I noticed a sudden and significant surge in enquiries. When I checked … [Read more...]

A guide to setting up your Google My Business storefront page for local businesses

If you run a local business, then it’s a good idea to have and maintain a presence on Google using Google My Business. By creating a local page on Google My Business, you can ensure that your business information will show up on Google Search, Google Earth, Google Maps, and on other Google properties. Your business will also have its own Google+ page to connect with customers and be a place … [Read more...]

Could Knowledge-Based Trust soon become a ranking factor?

One of the big questions search engines and internet users face is how do we determine how factually accurate and reliable a website is? Look for any fact on the internet and the chances are that you will find a wide variety of claims and information presented as the truth. You may need to check several sources to establish what’s correct. On 12th February 2015, eight Google engineers … [Read more...]

Our 10 favourite free SEO tools to optimise your website

If you are looking for ways to make your SEO budget go as far as possible, you’re not yet ready to outsource your SEO or you would prefer to optimise your website in-house, there are some fantastic free tools that any business owner can use on any website to fine tune their SEO efforts.   We’ve put together an overview of our ten favourite free SEO tools and why we love them to … [Read more...]

Using Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin for your SEO success

WordPress now powers more than 23% of the web and this figure is growing every day. This popularity makes sense. WordPress is easy to use (even for non-web developers), it’s flexible, and lets you manage and publish your own content using a fantastic choice of free and premium themes.   WordPress says that its websites are ‘optimised for search engines right out of the box’ and, … [Read more...]

The pros and cons of PPC vs SEO

If you’re looking at ways to boost the traffic to your website and increase sales, you may be trying to decide whether it would be better to invest in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or to hire a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist. Many people believe that PPC and SEO are mutually exclusive. That isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, many businesses use both PPC and SEO to raise the … [Read more...]