4 SEO Outreach Strategies For 2015

If the Penguin and Panda updates have taught us anything it’s that you must be able to adapt with the ever changing SEO industry if you want to achieve results. That means that if you’re still not focusing on producing great content and a professional outreach strategy then you will soon be going the way of the Dodo. Outreach has become an essential fundamental for any SEO and online business … [Read more...]

The One Secret Element that Makes WordPress Slow and Reduces Google Ranking

Got a slow WordPress site? Then you've got unhappy visitors and lower Google ranking. Here's how to fix that...   The Importance of Website Speed The speed of your website is important. Maybe more important than you realise. In 1997, web usability guru Jakob Neilsen wrote: "Currently, the minimum goal for response times is...  no more than ten seconds"   In 2007 Akamai reported … [Read more...]

A beginner’s guide to Google Webmaster Tools

Having looked at some of the valuable information you can find through the data captured by Google Analytics, we wanted to take a beginner’s look at Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) – the more technical companion to Google Analytics - which is a must-see for anyone serious about tracking their SEO efforts.   Setting up Google Webmaster Tools If you don’t have access to Google Webmaster … [Read more...]

The no-nonsense guide to using Google Analytics to boost your SEO – Part two

In Part One of our Google Analytics mini-series, we looked at how to set up Google Analytics for your website and what information you can get from the initial Audience Overview screen. In today’s blog we’ll be going deeper into Google Analytics to help you make sense of the various reports and options.   Handy hint: If you are in any section of Google Analytics and want to know … [Read more...]

The no-nonsense guide to using Google Analytics to boost your SEO – Part one

  Having looked at the SEO basics as well as where to start with your keyword research over the past few blogs, we wanted to focus on how you can track whether your search engine optimisation efforts are paying off, so you can see what’s working and what needs tweaking.   Google Analytics is, in our opinion, one of the best tools available for tracking the performance of your … [Read more...]

What is SEO?

Have you fully wrapped your head around what search engine optimisation (SEO) is or is it a bit of a mystery? Perhaps you’re vaguely aware that SEO would be important to your site but you’re not really sure what it means or where to start?   If that’s the case, this week’s blog is for you. We’re going back to basics to look at what SEO (search engine optimisation) is and why … [Read more...]

Where to Use Focus Keywords on your Website

In recent blogs, we’ve been looking at what keyword research is, why it matters and how to do it. By now, you’ve hopefully got a strong list of focus keywords for your website and blogs, but you may still be uncertain about where it’s best to use them. Although keyword tags haven’t been used as a ranking signal by Google for some time, using a focus keyword in your meta data does help … [Read more...]

How to use the Google Keyword Planner for SEO

As we discussed in our recent blog, How to do keyword research, the Google Keyword Planner is a fantastic free tool to help you analyse which keywords would perform best on your website. To help you further, we’ve put together a basic guide to using the Google Keyword Planner for keyword research.     Step 1: Sign up to Google AdWords – you don’t have to use paid … [Read more...]

How to do Keyword Research – A Beginner’s Guide

Finding the right keywords can make all the difference to whether your website is found by search engines and potential customers. But how do you know what keywords to use? We’ve put together a beginner’s guide to keyword research – this should give you a good starting point for creating customer-focused content that search engines love too.   Keyword research step 1: Understand … [Read more...]

How to Use Keywords and Why They Still Matter to SEO

If you’re updating or creating a new website or you want to make it more visible on search engine results pages (SERPs), you may be confused about keywords. Do they still matter? What should they be and how should you use them to get the best results?   You’ve probably read a lot of conflicting advice about using keywords post-Google Hummingbird. Some people say they are still the … [Read more...]