How to Use Keywords and Why They Still Matter to SEO

If you’re updating or creating a new website or you want to make it more visible on search engine results pages (SERPs), you may be confused about keywords. Do they still matter? What should they be and how should you use them to get the best results? You’ve probably read a lot of conflicting advice about using keywords post-Google Hummingbird. Some people say they are still the lifeblood … [Read more...]

How to Get your Blog Indexed by Google, Discovered by Customers, and Shared by Fans

Blogging for business is a smart strategy – not only for SEO, but also for increased visibility, authority, and attracting new customers. But it’s no good investing time into your blog if your mum and best friends are the only people who read it! So how do you create a blog that attracts lots of new visitors and is alive with social sharing and comments? Let me explain... Part … [Read more...]

SEO Guide: Have you got the basics of your on-page SEO covered? 

Do you want a page one slot on Google? If so, you’ve got to ensure your fundamentals are covered – and given the shift in focus since the recent Penguin and Panda updates, there’s a high chance you may be losing out on ranking, because you’ve overlooked the SEO factors you DO control. You see, the various algorithm changes of late have caused many business owners to shift their … [Read more...]

Link Building Guide: How to Earn the RIGHT Backlinks and Achieve Page One Ranking

If you want to rank for your chosen keywords and keyword phrases, link building was (and continues to be) a profitable SEO strategy to invest in. But gone are the days when securing “any old link” will translate into results. That’s because Google’s latest algorithm changes are actively penalising sites with a bad link profile Worst still, you may actually need to clear up … [Read more...]

Why Blogging is Seriously Good for your Business

Blogging can seem like a LOT of effort. And even if you have good intentions, when you sit down to actually start writing, the blank page can put you off – and you find yourself getting nowhere fast! But are you aware how seriously good blogging is for your SEO, let alone your business as a whole? Although it may be hard work (unless of course you love to write), there are some … [Read more...]

Why Hummingbird offers a fantastic opportunity for your SEO strategy

On October 3 last year, Google announced the release of a brand new algorithm. They named it “Hummingbird” and it’s set to revolutionise the way we search.     I know there are lots of you reading this now – throwing your arms up in dismay – as you wonder just what impact this latest change will have on your business. After all, you’ve seen it before with … [Read more...]

Six Hot SEO Predictions for 2014

If you’re not on page 1 for the terms and phrases your customers are searching, you’ll lose readers, leads and even sales. Now the good news is, if you get your SEO strategy right, your chances of topping the organic rankings will increase. But with Google constantly changing its algorithm, how can you keep up? In particular, how can you maintain the integrity of your site to … [Read more...]

Social Signals and Why they Matter for SEO

Social signals refer to the amount of engagement you, your brand and your content generate on the various social media platforms. This engagement can be measured in lots of ways including the following:   The number of @mention tweets you receive Links to your website and content on Facebook, Twitter and other social media Platforms The number of people who have circled you on … [Read more...]

Google+ Pages – what your small business needs to know

In this third post on Google+ I’m going to: Reveal the benefits of a Google+ page for your small business Explain how this links with Google+ Local and local search Provide you with a five-step guide for getting started.     Here goes…   The benefits of a Google+ page At first glance, it may feel that setting up a Google+ page means more work and … [Read more...]

Google+: Five Steps To More Shares, Visibility and Authority

Building a presence on Google+ is likely to be a wise investment for your small business. But to get the best results you need to be posting the right content.   In this post I’ll explain some simple tips for ensuring your profile, posts and Google+ interaction are working hard to help increase your online visibility and your authority.   Create a strong profile: … [Read more...]