How mobile-friendly is your website?

As we reported in our recent blog, The SEO trends predicted to dominate 2015, mobile-friendly websites are going to be big news in the year ahead. Google is currently experimenting with giving websites a ‘mobile-friendly’ label and prioritising mobile-friendly sites in search results. It makes sense with so many of us now using our mobile phones to surf the net, make purchases and pretty much … [Read more...]

The SEO trends predicted to dominate 2015

In last week’s blog, we looked at the big SEO news stories of 2014. Now the time has come to look to the future instead of the past. What will be the big SEO issues for 2015 and what will you need to do to ensure that you’re found in the search engines by your potential customers? We may not have a crystal ball but we do have some pretty clear predictions. 2015 SEO prediction one: … [Read more...]

SEO in 2014: The year in review

Wow, we’re already into the second week of 2015 – who can believe it?! Before 2014 becomes too much of a distant memory, I wanted to take a moment to look at how the last 12 months shaped the ever-changing world of SEO. As with previous years, 2014 showed SEO specialists and webmasters that we can’t afford to rest on our laurels. As well as the hundreds of minor algorithm tweaks and … [Read more...]

Using Pinterest to boost your SEO (even if you don’t have an obviously ‘pinnable’ business)

Do you use Pinterest to promote your business or have you ruled Pinterest out as a social media platform because you don’t have a business that obviously lends itself to ‘pinning’, perhaps because you don’t sell products?   You could be missing out on a valuable source of sales and website traffic.   The stats around Pinterest’s use and popularity are staggering. An … [Read more...]

Seven simple hacks to improve your local SEO

Back in 2013, I wrote a Local SEO Guide blog to help you ‘Reduce competition and increase Google ranking…easily’. Although a lot of the advice holds true, the Google landscape is ever changing and local SEO was brought sharply into focus when, on 24th July 2014, Google rolled out an algorithm update that – for want of a name – Search Engine Land christened ‘Google … [Read more...]

Why Google Trends can be a powerful SEO decision-making tool

If you’ve never used Google Trends, you could be missing out on a powerful decision-making tool for your SEO efforts.   What is Google Trends? Google Trends pulls together search data to look at how keywords perform over time. In other words, it’s a great way to see which keywords or phrases are ‘trending’, i.e. gaining in popularity and attracting regular searches, and which are … [Read more...]

How your social reputation affects your SEO

Just how important is it for your business to be active on social media? Is it essential for SEO purposes to have a presence on all the major platforms or are there platforms that are more important than others? Can you overlook social media altogether if it doesn’t feel like the right fit for your business?   How social media signals work as ranking factors seems to divide expert … [Read more...]

4 SEO Outreach Strategies For 2015

If the Penguin and Panda updates have taught us anything it’s that you must be able to adapt with the ever changing SEO industry if you want to achieve results. That means that if you’re still not focusing on producing great content and a professional outreach strategy then you will soon be going the way of the Dodo. Outreach has become an essential fundamental for any SEO and online business … [Read more...]

The One Secret Element that Makes WordPress Slow and Reduces Google Ranking

Got a slow WordPress site? Then you've got unhappy visitors and lower Google ranking. Here's how to fix that...   The Importance of Website Speed The speed of your website is important. Maybe more important than you realise. In 1997, web usability guru Jakob Neilsen wrote: "Currently, the minimum goal for response times is...  no more than ten seconds"   In 2007 Akamai reported … [Read more...]

A beginner’s guide to Google Webmaster Tools

Having looked at some of the valuable information you can find through the data captured by Google Analytics, we wanted to take a beginner’s look at Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) – the more technical companion to Google Analytics - which is a must-see for anyone serious about tracking their SEO efforts.   Setting up Google Webmaster Tools If you don’t have access to Google Webmaster … [Read more...]