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Do you want to rank at the top of Google and be found by the very people looking for your services or products?
Of course you do!
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SEO+ is a Devon based Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company providing trusted SEO services throughout the UK. We have years of experience and all the passion needed to make your website work harder and rank at the top of the search engines. Friendly and professional and full of great advice. We provide SEO to businesses locally in Devon and throughout the UK.
Did you know that 34,000 searches are conducted on Google EVERY SECOND? Or that 75% of Internet users never scroll past the first page of search results?
(Thanks HubSpot for the stats)

Fact: Ranking high on search engines is no longer optional, it’s critical

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We have many happy clients now ranking at the top of Google for their best search terms. We’d love to see you there too


Why you can’t afford to ignore the benefits of SEO:

  • Web users frequently search for products and content using search engines
  • Websites that rank at the top of a search engine are deemed the most relevant and credible
  • Websites with no SEO in place will not rank well in search engines and might not be found at all.
  • High ranking websites have increased online traffic and make more profit
  • Users are more likely to refine their keyword searches instead of looking at further result pages
  • Over 80% of users find the information they want by using a search engine
  • SEO results are affordable and long lasting compared to other forms of marketing
  • Correctly implemented Search Engine Optimisation will lead to a better and more accessible website.
  • An optimised and high ranking website keeps working and provides ongoing marketing even when you’ve finished for the day
  • Your business location doesn’t have to stay local. With effective SEO you can target a niche marketplace anywhere in the world

Online visitors frequently use search engines to find information, products and services and if you want them to find your website it will need to rank well in the search engines for the right search terms. Without good SEO in place this is unlikely.

What is SEO?

Not sure what SEO is and don’t know if you need it? Find out here >> What is SEO?


Not all SEO companies are equal.

There are many SEO companies out there that make impossible claims and use dubious methods that are frowned upon by Google and will ultimately lead to a site being down-ranked and even banned, so be careful who you believe.

In order to find the best SEO package for you and your company contact us today and we’ll give your site an SEO audit and then put forward a proposal tailored to your site and your companys’ goals.

Our clients’ websites are performing very well in the search engines for some highly competitive search terms, both locally and throughout the UK. Take a look at our Case Studies for more information.


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SEO+ Testimonial

Testimonial from Andrew at Elite Titles

“Highly recommended” “Great Results” “Expert” “Personable” “Good Value” “High Integrity”

“Her knowledge and specialisation in SEO has seen us sweep to the top of Google’s listings in our chosen field, despite tough competition in this industry.”


We’d love to help your website achieve it’s full potential.

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For more information about SEO take a look on Wikipedia: Search Engine Optimisation – the definition, what’s involved and the history of SEO