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Do you want to grow your UK business with high-quality, organic traffic that converts?

Would you like a top spot on Google – for the long-term?

Are you ready to invest in quality, optimised content alongside onsite SEO to maximise your visibility and your results?

Then let me show you how…


Forget the SEO pixie dust

If you’re serious about securing a top organic spot, you can forget SEO ‘tricks’.

Focus on user experience, Google penalises poor practices – harshly. What’s more, frequent algorithm updates remove loopholes to reward businesses that do it right.

There is no easy route to profitable rankings. Instead you need onsite SEO plus quality content that gets ‘ranked and read’.

Let me explain…


‘Ranked and Read’ – the SEO+ Formula

Securing quality links and structuring your website’s copy and code around the right keywords will get you ranked. But onsite SEO alone is not enough to deliver the big results you want.

You see, static websites struggle to rank as highly as sites that are updated regularly with engaging, readable, shareable content.

Remember, content drives conversations and fuels online searches.

That’s why you’ll get massive results when your message is shared through optimised content and amplified with social media engagement.

This simple SEO+ formula of ethical SEO + optimised content + social sharing will help you:

  • Secure a coveted page 1 spot – ethically
  • Turn page 1 visibility into website clicks that convert

And that’s what we do…


Boost visibility and conversions with SEO + content

SEO+ is a bespoke Devon agency that helps UK businesses grow with ethical SEO and conversion optimization – for long-term results.

Work with us and we’ll implement a sustainable strategy of SEO + quality content (amplified by social media) to win you more quality leads, enquiries, and sales.

As well as achieving a strong page 1 presence, we’ll drive up your conversion rate with irresistible SERP descriptions and bespoke, optimised content that persuades web visitors to buy from you.


Helping UK businesses succeed with ethical SEO

Here at SEO+ we work exclusively with UK businesses. And we get our best results for clients who are ready to roll up their sleeves and understand the importance of ‘ranked and read’.

Here’s what you can expect when we work together:

  1. Invest in an SEO package and we’ll handle your SEO strategy and its ongoing implementation
  1. When it comes to content creation – it’s your choice. Either craft the content we recommend yourself or invest in a SEO content package and work with our top-notch team of copywriters and bloggers
  1. Similarly with social media… we’ll happily share proven strategies for boosting SEO with social, but if you’d rather an expert did the legwork, our SEO content package will plug the gaps
  1. We’re not for everyone. In fact, we’re hugely fussy when selecting clients. We’ll only work with businesses we genuinely believe we can help. You must be willing to follow our recommendations too. If you don’t meet your commitments, your results will suffer (and we’re not willing to compromise our track record)
  1. We’re small (but beautifully formed) so if we’re a good match, you can expect a highly personalised, friendly service from a team that LOVES what we do

Most importantly, you’ll work one-to-one with Hazel Jarrett – our founder and MD – who will manage everything SEO related personally.


“Hazel is outstanding at what she does. She knows exactly what will work for your website and an guarantee you first page results. Having an expert in SEO is a vital part of my business and Hazel is always on hand to answer any questions I might have. Couldn’t recommend her enough!”

Martin Huntback – FE Marketing


Who is Hazel Jarrett?

Hazel has over 15 year’s experience, a history of excellent results, and is one of the UK’s leading SEO specialists – she often anticipates what Google will do next.

When it comes to SEO, Hazel’s personality is the perfect blend of geek + social savviness.

With Google’s constant changes, Hazel’s inner geek thrives on the in-depth research needed to stay on the ball. She’s at home pouring over the stats and digging beneath the superficial to pinpoint the perfect search terms to target.

Hazel also has a fun, social side. She’s equally skilled at stimulating the conversations, the content ideas, the likes, and shares needed to secure the quality links and social signals that boost organic rankings.


Need UK SEO – then we could be a perfect match

If you’re a hands-on, UK business owner who wants to use SEO to drive more clicks, quality enquires, and sales, let’s chat – there’s no obligation.

Call Hazel NOW to discover how you can work in partnership with a slightly geeky, social SEO expert with a track record for brilliant results.

Remember, Hazel believes in total transparency. She’s always on top of SEO news, and has an enviable track record of implementing proven, ethical SEO strategies that work.

Don’t just tick the SEO box. Instead, work with SEO+ to enjoy brilliant results now and in the long-term.


“Hazel at SEO+ has recently been optimizing our website and we have been very happy with the work that she has carried out. We are ranking on the top page for quite a few chosen keywords now, and have recently had a large order for a reception desk following her work. We would recommend SEO+ and will continue to support them as and when we require further optimization work.”

David Glover – David Glover Bespoke Furniture


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